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It's also the fastest, with applications firing up instantly in almost every situation. We found that operations ran fluidly and the device works effortlessly, making it a pleasure to use. The Galaxy Note 3 is the fastest smartphone we've used, so those looking to multitask and juggle heavy workloads are likely to really value it. It provides a great onscreen experience - as long as your hands are big enough to reach across it - and its stuffed full of tech to almost warrant its lofty price tag. This is the best Galaxy Note smartphone to date and if you're a fan of the range then you'll love the Note 3 - but if you're looking for the best smartphone in the world you'll need to look elsewhere.

Galaxy Note 3 video review - why Samsung's latest 6in Android phablet is great Quelle: We award four and a half stars. Even more features packed into a slightly bigger body Quelle: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review Quelle: Battery life is more than decent and the features offered by the S pen stylus are neat.

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And the handwriting recognition is good. However, when you also consider its best-in-class screen, sharp camera, powerful software and pen-enabled apps, it's hard to not to want this Android phablet. It's better in pretty much every way, with the possible exception of that speaker. The display is bigger, but it never makes the device feel inflated, which is some sort of dark magic in its own right.

The Note 3 is the better performer, but we're talking about a level of performance on both phones which is more than adequate for everything you need to do. It has a bigger, more colourful screen - but not everyone wants a huge screen and the Xperia Z1 has a sharper display anyway. Camera wise we'd err toward the Z1, but neither is earth-shatteringly good. And battery life is about even, albeit with the Z1 again marginally on top. They run similar software similarly well, and although only the Z1 is waterproof, they are both built to last.

You pays your money you takes your chance. Two great phones that show how far Android has come. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review Quelle: It's excellent sonically, can display superbly crisp images, and has a number of tweaks to the camera that mean it can take decent snaps. Those are the things we want to judge the Note 3 on, not the ability to click the S Pen in a different manner.

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We're not sold on the design of the back, nor the high price - but there still seems to be an appetite for the Note range, so perhaps this is just the handset Samsung needs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hand-on review: The new leather rear makes holding and gripping the sizable device an easier task, and it also fits in with the business vibe of the phablet too.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review: We were very impressed by the speed at which the Note 3 runs when multitasking and we look forward to giving it a thorough test. Mit diesem Proudkt zeigt der Gigant aus Korea, dass er es versteht, stimmige High-End Produkte zu entwickeln und auf den Markt zu bringen. Mein Warten zumindest hat sich gelohnt. Our preference still lies with the iPad Air for its more appealing design, superior tablet-specific apps and faster performance, but Samsung is steadily closing the gap. It's just a shame that that's still not quite good enough to dethrone the mighty iPad.

For the time being, Apple's iPad Air is still comfortably ensconced in the top spot on our Top 10 Tablets list. But we foresee the latest Sony tablet giving it a run for its money. Check back for our full review of the Xperia Z2, and our updated showdown. It's as fast as a Kindle Fire HDX, has a good screen, decent great battery life, stylus support and expandable memory, along with infrared, universal remote-control support. It's expensive for an Android tablet: It's more fully featured than both, however, and the strongest all-round rival to the iPad Air in the larger-tablet sector yet.

The main thing that distinguishes this 10in tablet from its brethren Galaxy Tab To save you losing the S-Pen Samsung has included a neat slot in the upper right hand side of the case. You might think this would result in a thick, or at least bulbous, device but the Note It's reasonably light too thanks in part to the predominantly plastic construction. Take a look at Best Android tablets.

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The Note offers smooth performance and is the better device if note taking is a priority. But the iPad Air has , apps build specifically for its large screen, a better screen and superior battery life. It's effective, well-built and has a gorgeous screen. It's well-sized, light enough to manage and the S Pen stylus is a very well executed addition. It's not cheap, and there are plenty of alternatives that are almost as good as the Note and will save you money.

Still, this is a fine and appealing tablet with lots of features and a great processor running it all at speed. If you demand supreme flexibility from your full-size tablet above all else, then the Samsung Galaxy Note Not only is it light and powerful, but the S Pen will prove extremely useful to those who still struggle to be truly productive on a finger-operated touchscreen. However, if you're a couch surfer or a more general tablet user, Samsung's somewhat undesirable hardware design and overly fussy software mean that the Galaxy Note The leather-like rear backing adds a nice touch to an industry that's in dire need of design innovation.

The x Super Clear LCD is perhaps the most gorgeous display in the tablet universe, and the 8MP rear camera is probably the most accomplished that you'll find on any slate today. Like the last Note But for all its upgrades, this year's Note Fortunately, though, the bugs and app compatibility are things that can be fixed with time via software updates, which Samsung has been better about as of late. The iPad, however, can't match the Note It's also worth mentioning that Apple is expected to release a new iPad in the coming weeks.

We don't have any details on pricing or features, but it will likely be a strong contender.

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Samsung sets the benchmark for fine quality and unique abilities with the Galaxy Note If you want the latest and greatest It takes more than high-end specs to make a great tablet Quelle: The Samsung Galaxy Note If you're craving a tablet with a larger screen and can't do without the stylus, you might be better served to pick up an iPad and spend some extra cash on a dedicated Bluetooth pen instead. In terms of hardware, there's no doubt that Samsung has massaged all of the sore spots from the first Note The gorgeous x display actually looks better than the iPad's screen.

And the beefed up pen capability combined with Samsung's collection of features make this a compelling slate for professionals and creative types alike. Improvements to the day-to-day performance are vital, and those could be implemented through firmware. A stampede of creative tablet apps onto Google Play would help a great deal, too.

And if you haven't already balked at the price tag, then what this gets you is pretty much the fastest Android tablet out there, with an excellent display to spice things up further. But equally, what you get is an overload of features that you may or may not use. Recenzja tabletu Samsung Galaxy Note Great design; S Pen; good battery life and performance balance; extremely clear and bright screen.

Very high price; imitation leather.

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Excellent resolution and good viewing angles of the display; powerful performance; S pen; good battery life. New screen; new fast chip. High resolution screen; good material; good autonomy. Strong performance, excellent screen, excellent workmanship; camera. Great technical features; ultra high resolution screen; beautiful, slim and light.

Der Arbeitsaspekt wird durch den S-Pen noch unterstrichen, mit dem sich sehr gut handschriftliche Notizen erstellen lassen. Business-Tablet mit Stylus Quelle: Netzwelt Mit dem Galaxy Note Pro Samsung Galaxy Note Pro If you are looking for a big tablet with high-end hardware, good camera, and a wonderful screen, the Galaxy Note Pro Surface Pro 3 vs Galaxy NotePro They're both ideal for multi-tasking — running more than one app simultaneously, side by side — though you won't be able to run powerful desktop apps like Photoshop on the Android tablet like you can on the Surface.

If you're simply looking for a tablet with an enormous display, you'll probably find you're better off with the NotePro Still, you do get an awful lot of tablet for your money and the long battery life will be an appealing feature if you are a dedicated slab fondler. Moreover, the pre-loaded business software could find favour among corporates types or those fated to BYOD.

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So as much as we want to like the Galaxy Note Pro, we really can't see any reason to be excited by it. Perhaps its near twin, the Galaxy Tab Pro, will offer better value for money, but we can't help but feel that as far as Android tablet sizes go, This tablet may not completely replace your laptop for many tasks, but it does come quite close. The display is very good and comes in a typical Samsung style. There are the gamut of features including the complete S-Pen ecosystem of apps. A bunch of preloaded business centric apps give the tablet some extra productive capabilities than most tablets.

However, the big screen size may be an issue for some users, and I am not really sure why the same could not have been replicated with the same screen size as the one on the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note We love the screen, we love the S Pen, we love its general performance although not the responsiveness of the new UI elements , and we like the design. If you're looking for a versatile tablet-style device for business, however, this isn't the one we'd recommend. Save up a little longer and go for a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 instead.

And keep in mind that compared with Apple's iOS system, Android still doesn't have as many apps specifically designed for the tablet's screen size. Many tablet apps are simply larger versions of phone apps.

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Galaxy Note Pro Reviewed as a purely business tablet, the Surface Pro 2 features an admittedly less pretty, but more functional design and superior performance. Thanks to the use of Windows 8. By comparison, while cheaper and still very enterprise friendly, the Galaxy Note Pro That said, for those interested in a device for work and play the Galaxy Note Pro If nothing else, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro It's not a tablet you'll want to lug around with you or whip out in public, and it is dauntingly expensive.

But if productivity is foremost in your mind as you shop for an Android tablet, the Galaxy Note Pro Almost a laptop replacement Quelle: At that point, you might be asking yourself: Samsung is known for offering many different models of the various devices it makes and already has a range of tablet screen sizes -- it has now added a The Galaxy Note Pro If only it didn't come with such a high sales price.

Excellent tablet, but no notebook replacement Quelle: It's certainly the closest we've seen to a tablet that could see us through a working day without recourse to a notebook. But there's still a way to go.

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VAT will buy you a well-appointed notebook that offers more capability for the average mobile professional. The tablet did become slightly sluggish when working in multiple apps. Battery life was solid. I worked for a prolonged period on a Chromebox, just to see if it could be done, but in the end I returned to Windows. Android's bid to replace Windows in the office Quelle: But the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro offers a larger screen, excellent battery life, and access to the Android and Samsung app stores.