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Precise Shoes Schuhgeschäft. Seiten, die dieser Seite gefallen. Sony - Power of Imaging Southeast Asia.

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PlayStation Europe. Aktueller Beitrag der Seite. Sony Indonesia. Tingkatkan kualitas fotografi sport ataupun satwa liar Anda dengan l Info lengkap: bit. Mehr anzeigen. Buat penampilanmu makin keren dengan menggunakan fitur tambahan yang ada di produk Sony, seperti Taiko, DJ Effect dan fitur seru lainnya. Datang ke dealer resmi yang berpartisipasi cek daftar pada slide berikutnya 2.

Seit dem habe ich bei über Tauchgängen mehr als Stunden unter Wasser zugebracht - meistens mit der Kamera. Meine Ehefrau Christine ist 69 Jahre alt, auch Krankenschwester von Beruf gewesen und seit auch meine Tauchpartnerin.

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My Diving and underwater Photography History. I started scuba diving in with the german lifeguard DLRG. During the ten years before that, I had been snorkeling - never thinking about scuba diving. It was also a question of money, but with the lifeguard I got an excellent diving education at a reasonable price. In I was certified as a rescue diver. We had to under go recertification every three years, but after two years, my attention turned more toward the private sector and the excitement of underwater photography.

Now i'm retired from working. Throughout all these years, I have been photographing underwater. My first camera was a Konica t3 in a flexible housing. It was hard to adjust the distance when the lens was too long and the pressure outside was increasing.


The results were not so very professional. Next camera was a small Konica c with a 38mm lens in a plexi-housing with a bulb flash.


The first experience using this camera was in Yugoslavia in and the housing was poorly constructed and flooded totally on the first dive! The manufacturer gave me a new one, which proved to be watertight. Now the first unbelievable pictures from the monsters of the Mediterranean had been done. There my little camera saw its' first corals in a depth of 40 Meters and the use of this bulb flash was very necessary!

By this time, scuba diving had become our obsession, as my wife Christine had also become addicted to breathing compressed air underwater! When I look back over the pictures taken with the 35mm Nikkor, I'm quite proud, as the depth of field was not great.

I think the best shots made again in the Atlantic-Fuerteventura Island were lucky snapshots! Now it was much easier to get some good wide angle shots with sharp images! I began thinking about making underwater movies in and bought an Eumig Nautica underwater super 8 camera. The following year I alternated between the two formats; one dive with super 8 camera - one dive with the Nikonos. After this disaster, I tried it again with another Nautica, but this one also flooded soon in freshwater. After our first trip to the red sea Egypt , I was decided to get out of the movie business and concentrate on still photography.

The next step of camera evolution came over me in with the purchase of a used Nikonos V from a friend. I was also doing land photography with a Mamiya roll film camera and made all kinds of enlargements and film processing in my home lab with self made developers and chemicals.

The arrival of our first home computer left no more time or space for the photolab or big Mamiya it was also too heavy to carry on holidays. It was an easy decision to sell all this equipment and buy a 20mm Nikkor lens and a 28mm Nikkor for the Nikonos V. On our first trip to Maldives in , I had the opportunity to try a housing for the F3 from a friend. That was great! Auch verbergen sich wichtige Einstellungen teils in den Untiefen der Menüs.

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Ein Touchscreen kann hier zur Navigation vorteilhaft sein, birgt in der Praxis jedoch den Nachteil von Fingerabdrücken auf dem Display, das auch zur Bildgestaltung genutzt wird. Grundsätzlich sind Funktionen, die über Tasten geschaltet werden, solchen über Menüpunkte ergonomisch vorzuziehen.

Im nichtprofessionellen Bereich ist zu beobachten, dass zunehmend Modelle ohne Sucher produziert werden. Dies macht die Geräte preisgünstiger, zumal viele Benutzer ihren Camcorder mit dem seitlich ausklappbaren Monitor benutzen. Ein Sucher hat jedoch den Vorteil, dass man die Kamera am Kopf abstützen kann, was ihre Lage deutlich stabilisiert und das Verwackeln reduziert. Zudem ist bei heller Umgebung oder Gegenlicht eine bessere Bildbeurteilung als auf einem Display möglich.

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Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. New iterative platform image stabilization algorithm with low-power and high-torque brushless motor creates higher accuracy and faster response. Portable all-round G6 Plus A portable gimbal with follow focus and compatible with mobile phones and many types of cameras Please watch the full video.

Small, but more capable Small and portable body supports all types of cameras within g Easily compatible with GoPro, mobile phones, Pocket video camera, and Micro-single lens reflex camera for easier installation.

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  • Sony handycam indonesia?

Use magic ring to precisely control the zoom of camera by connecting to Feiyu ON App Use magic ring to precisely control the follow focus of camera by connecting to Feiyu ON App Use magic ring to manually control the zoom of mobile phone by connecting to Feiyu ON App Use magic ring to manually control the follow focus of mobile phone by connecting to Feiyu ON App.